#1 Reason for Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner -- No Loud Noises 

Traditional vacuum cleaners are loud and disruptive. They'll frighten your pets, wake the baby and spur you to pop in a pair of ear plugs! Robotic vacuum cleaners are much, much quieter. And they're perfect for apartment living, so you won't disrupt the neighbors. They're also ideal for individuals who are very sensitive to loud noises, such as autistic children, who can get very upset since they're extremely sensitive to loud sensory input.

#2 Reason for Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner -- Save Time

You'll save time when you use a robotic vacuum, since you don't need to actually do any vacuuming! This can free up an hour or more each week! The robotic vacuum can be programmed to operate while you're at work, at play or even while you're asleep!

#3 Reason for Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner -- Cleaner Home and Fewer Allergens

Since your robot vacuum cleaner can be programmed to operate on a daily basis, you can enjoy a much cleaner home and fewer allergens such as dust, dander and pet hair!

#4 Reason for Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner -- Longer Carpet Life

Your carpet will have a much longer lifespan and it will look great every day of the week, not just on housecleaning day! Since you can program your robot vacuum to make the rounds every day if you so choose, your rug pile won't get trampled down or filled with dust and dirt.

#5 Reason for Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner -- Clean the Nooks and Crannies

Unlike a traditional upright vacuum cleaner, a robotic vacuum is designed to vacuum right up to the edge of objects like walls and furniture. So you'll get your entire carpeting cleaned, not just the center portions!

Robot vacuum cleaners have lots of benefits, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. You can run your robot vacuum on carpets, rugs, hardwood floor, tile and an array of other flooring types. You'll save time and you'll enjoy a much cleaner home!