The 21st century has brought with it an impressive mosaic of new technologies and toys for us to fawn over. The iPhone has reinvented what it means to be connected to each other. The hybrid car allows us to travel greater distances at lower costs and reduced damage to the natural world. And the robot vacuum cleaner has revolutionized home cleaning for the better.

Think about it: Now you can be home, relaxing with your feet up, reading the latest issue of People while your home essentially cleans itself. That means more time for you to do whatever you want to do -- crafting culinary masterpieces, seeing more local colour, putting in more hours at work -- and less time on your hands and knees. It all starts with a simple machine and the highest quality robot vacuum parts.

How the best robotic vacuums work

These modern wonders are self-reliant, meaning they can navigate rooms entirely by themselves and don't have to be redirected by homeowners. This is due, in part, to factory-installed sensors that alert the cleaning machine to nearby furniture and other obstacles, so they won't bump into their surroundings. A combination of spinning brushes and vacuum-suction devices do all the work, cleaning carpets, tile and hardwood floors and other areas around a home entirely independently.

Setting limits for your home cleaning needs

Of course, like all small creatures first learning how to function in a new environment, robot vacs needs a little guidance. You can set virtual walls for some machines that ensure they only clean a certain area of the home and don't go off wandering into other rooms. Additionally, plenty of these vacs have auto-return features that enable them to travel back to their charging stations after they've completed their cleaning work. That means you'll never have to pick them up and manually plug them back in.

Keeping a clean machine

All machines break down and require a bit of maintenance every now and again. Emptying the dust bin after every few cleaning cycles will help improve functionality and keep it optimal. When your machines requires new parts or modules, consult a local shop or bring it into a repair business to see what can be done about switching out the old with the new. Just like any other technical device, proper care and maintenance can go a long way with robotic vacuums.

Robot vacuum cleaners with Hepa filters can significantly help those with allergies, too. Some robot vacs can sense pet dander and dust and eliminate them with ease, especially when it comes to those impossible-to-reach places, like under couches and behind desks and tables. No matter the specs of your home, your robot vac knows how to keep it clean.