First of all, all Roomba's work in the same way. They consist of two counter rotating brushes that work together to lift the dirt from the floor. Once the dirt has been lifted, the fan, which is built into the bin, pulls the dirt and dust into the dustbin. There is also a side brush that sweeps dirt toward the counter rotating brush.

There are basically three thing that can prevent the robot vacuum from working:

1) The fan which is built into the bin. If there is air blowing out of the back of the unit then the fan would be working. Just make sure the bin is empty and the filter is clean.

2) The two counter rotating brushes spinning. These consist of the bristle and beater brush. The best way to check if these are spinning is to turn the Roomba on and gently sneak your hand underneath to feel both brushes. Both brushes should be spinning. Another way to check this is to let your Roomba run on a see through or glass table and check the brushed are spinning from underneath the table.

3) The side spinning brush should be spinning. This can be viewed from above the Roomba while it is running. You should notice the side brush spinning very quickly.

In 95% of cases, the issue is caused by number 2, whereby the two counter rotating brushes are not spinning. If this is the case, one should follow these steps:

1) Remove both brushes (bristle brush and beater brush). Clean them thoroughly and put them back in and make sure they can turn by manually spinning them. Here is a great video on how to remove and clean the brushes:


2) If that doesn't solve the issue then it is possible that the Cleaning Head Module Motor has seized or there is dirt stuck in the gearbox. It is possible to clean the dirt from the gearbox however we won't be covering this method in this article. We always recommend replacing the Cleaning Head Module.

3) The Cleaning Head Module is the module that the brushes fit into. It is actually the core of the vacuum and includes the main drive motor for the brushes. On the Roomba 500, 600, and 700 series it is a user replaceable part. This video will explain how to replace the module:


We hope this video helps you diagnose your Roomba Robot Vacuum and that you get many more years of great, hassle free, cleaning.