Scooba 380 Floor Washing Robot Review

Having owned my very own Scooba 380 Floor Washing Robot for the past 3 months I have decided to write an in depth review of this Robotic Vacuum.

1)     What is included in the box?


The Scooba 380 includes all the available Scooba accessories which include:

Charging cable and charging base

Storage mate

2 virtual walls

Sample Scooba cleaning juice

I am yet to find a decent use for the charging base. It is supposed to be for charging a second battery while your Scooba is being used. I doubt whether I will ever use it and am not sure if it is used by many Scooba 380 users. iRobot also suggests only using the charger built into the Scooba as it is better for the long term use of the Scooba battery. I only ever use the internal charger as I don’t want to risk damaging the battery included with the Scooba.

I find the storage mat extremely useful as I have wooden floors. The underside of the Scooba tends to remain wet for a while after use and the residual water would most definitely damage my floors if I stored the unit on the floor without using the storage mat.

As my apartment is fairly small and there is no area where I don’t want the Scooba to go, I don’t make use of the virtual walls. I have tested them and they seem to work as expected with no surprises.


2)     Initial charge and run of the Scooba


After unpacking the Scooba, I charged it up for 16 hours as I always do with rechargeable batteries. Even if the unit says it is fully charged I wait for the full 16 hours to make sure that the cells have all been charged and therefore would get maximum longetivity from the battery.

I filled the clean water tank to the top, place the tank in the Scooba and turned it on. The noise was fairly loud at about the same level of a normal upright vacuum. Within a few seconds I noticed the water spurting out and the cleaning process began. As Clorox is not easily available in Australia, I always use plain water in my Scooba as I find it does the job well enough. After 45 minutes of use the unit turned off.

I opened the tank to find the clean water was no longer there and I emptied the dirty water tank out. It was pretty dirty – actually it was black water J

The floor was left fairly dry and dried up completely within 10 minutes. The time the water take to dry will depend largely on the humidity level in your home.


3)     Conclusion


The Scooba does a great job. Due to the fact that I have timber floors I only use it once a week as I don’t want to put too much moisture on the floor. If I had tiles I would probably use it every second day. It doesn’t move as quickly as the Roomba does and therefore doesn’t cover as much surface area but with two runs on a single charge it should clean 85sqm very well.



Cleans and scrubs the floor extremely well – my wife loves the clean floors afterwards.

Easy enough to clean and maintain

Very well built and if cared for should last many years

It works on its own and is addictive to watch


Due to the unit being round it misses the corners of rooms.

It has no scheduler like the Roomba as well as no lighthouses.