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iRobot Scooba

iRobot Scooba
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Scooba Robot Vacuum Cleaners from iRobot

Are you tired of mopping your floors? Are you looking for a quicker, easier, more efficient way thats also more fun? Let the amazing iRobot Scooba do the work for you. It has two separate tanks. One tank is for dirty water while the other tank is for clean water. Your Scooba sprays out the clean water, squeegees your floor and then sucks up the dirty water into the dirty tank leaving your floors virtually dry. This cleaning process will also remove up to 98% of common household bacteria.

Scooba Robotic Vacuums: Models such as the Scooba 380, Scooba 390 and the latest Scooba 230

These floor mopping robots comprise of a patented 4 stage cleaning system in the Scooba 380 and Scooba 390 and a 3 stage patented cleaning system in the Scooba 230. iRobot scoobas employ iAdapt technology which allows them to clean each part of the floor numerous times. You don't even need to re-arrange your house to use your Scooba. This vacuum will avoid obstacles and using its cliff sensors it won't fall down the stairs. All Scoobas come with bumper sensors which allow them to follow the walls cleaning right up to the walls.

Say goodbye to using your existing floor mop: that's robotic vacuum cleaners

All Scoobas are able to clean tiles, sealed hardwood floors, linoleum, marble, slate, and stone. We only stock high quality vacuums designed to make your life easier. All vacuums are backed by a 1 year warranty and offer superior performance to other cheaper generic robotic vacuums. All Scooba Vacuums are built using the highest quality components making maintenace quick and easy. All Scooba robotic vacuums make use of heavy duty rechargeable batteries and the units are therefore wireless.

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