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iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba
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Robot Vacuum Cleaners from brands such as iRobot and Neato Robotics

If you have ever wanted to toss out the old upright vacuum and say goodbye to vacuuming your floors manually then it's time to try out a new robot vacuum cleaner. These clever devices will go about their business of vacuuming or mopping your floors with little intervention and virually no maintenance. Just push the button and let your robot vacuum cleaner do all the work while you relax or go out with friends - it really is that simple and easy.

Robot Vacuums: Models such as the iRobot Roomba, iRobot Scooba, and Neato XV-11

iRobot has been selling robot vacuum cleaners for over a decade and they are without a doubt the best brand out their. They are now on their seventh series which includes models such as the Roomba 760, Roomba 770, and, Roomba 780. They have also introduced their latest robotic floor mopping vacuum called the Scooba 230 which compliments their top of the range Scooba 390. Neato Robotics - a fairly new arrival in the robot vacuum cleaner industry has now introduced their latest model being the Neato XV-21, Neato Signature Pro, and Neato Signature to compliment their existing models being the Neato XV-11 and Neato XV-12.

Say goodbye to using your existing vacuum cleaner: that's robotic vacuum cleaners

We only stock high quality vacuums designed to make your life easier. All vacuums are backed by a 1 year warranty and offer superior performance to other cheaper generic robotic vacuums. All Roomba Vacuums are built using a modular design and therefore maintenance becomes quick and easy. All robotic vacuums make use of heavy duty rechargeable batteries and the units are therefore wireless.

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