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Neato Robotics

Neato Robotics
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Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaners such as XV-11, XV-12, and XV-21

Neato robot vacuums use an extremely powerful vacuum to clean up all your dirt, pet hair and dust from your hardfloors or carpets. All you have to do to turn it on is press the large orange button and leave your robotic vacuum to do the rest. All Neato Robotics vacuums can be scheduled to clean every day when you are not home. They don't require any virtual walls as they have the ability to know where doors are located. When your Neato is finished cleaning it will find its way back to the home base and charge up for its next cycle.

Robot Vacuums that require little maintenance and are easy to clean.

Neato robotics vacuum cleaners come with a beater brush that gets the dirt straight into the dirt bin and leaves very little dirt on the brush. Brushes are very easy to clean. To empty the bn is straight forward and takes a few seconds. Just pop it up and empty the dirt from your amazing Neato and it is ready to go for its next run. Neato robotic vacuum cleaners have the ability to be scheduled for an entire week. Neato robotics is a fairly new arrival in the robotic vacuum cleaner industry has now introduced their latest model being the Neato XV-21 to compliment their existing models being the Neato XV-11 and Neato XV-12.

Precision laser mapping on all Neato Robotics models.

Neato robots use laser mapping to scan the room and create a virtual map of all cleaning areas. It then works out the most efficient and methodical way to clean the room before moving on to the next room to scan, map and clean. Once it has finishes all rooms it simply returns to its base to recharge. Because these robot vacuums are slim they are able to clean under beds, couches, and chairs as well as other hard to reach places. Neato Vacuums incorporate cutting edge technology and although they are new to the robot vacuum industry they are a fierce competitor to the existing iRobot brand.

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